Advanced Electrification Technology

Talos Technology

Your partner in developing cutting edge Electric and Hybrid Powertrain Solutions 

Our Mission

Innovation is not easy. We are here to support our customers with their technical challenges in powertrain electrification, accelerate their product development plans, try new ideas and achieve what others believe impossible

Who We Are

We are a British consultancy company founded by a group of engineers specialised in the design, development and validation of electric and hybrid powertrains for the Automotive, Motorsport & Aerospace industries

Our Vision

To provide our customers with  world-class engineering services to help them on the journey to a Zero-emission vehicle technology. Innovation, Sustainability and Robustness are in the heart of what we do

What We Do

We break down the engineering challenges to their fundamental components. Then we connect them back together to create the best electrical systems in the world. Working on first principles is the keystone of our success 

Our team members have previously worked in the following companies

Complete Vehicle Projects
Centuries of Experience
Hours of Simulation Studies
Awards and Patents

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