Six Sigma

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What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a set of management techniques intended to improve business processes by greatly reducing the probability that an error or defect will occur. Is a disciplined, statistical-based, data-driven approach and continuous improvement methodology for eliminating defects in a product, process or service.  Sigma represents the population standard deviation, which is a measure of the variation in a data set collected about the process. Although Six Sigma was adopted mainly by manufacturing operations, its benefits start to become apparent in all other business sectors, since the applicability of the processes is universal. Your organisation can greatly improve its productivity by engaging in key improvement activities. Our experienced team can help you through this journey. 

Talos Six Sigma Services

Six Sigma is all about processes. Processes are there to help the team focus and channel the organisation efforts. When the process is controlled the output can be also controlled. Six Sigma is a step-by-step process of interventions and statistical tools that allow companies to interpret which business processes need attention, identify root causes of problems, and sustain gain in improvements 

Currently there are a variety of tools that are used in Six Sigma process arsenal. Specialised tools and software packages are often used. Our team has developed in house solutions for the execution and tracking of almost all important Six Sigma tools. For more details please talk with our experienced team. 

Six Sigma shall be embedded in the company’s culture. Ideally the senior management should embrace the methodology and align the organisation into implementing it. Companies that are truly mastering the Six Sigma philosophy are much more competitive in their markets. Our team can help your organisation design and execute a strategic Six Sigma implementation, providing tools and training for your team. 

Six Sigma projects are scoped, time limited projects with a clear improvement goal. Perhaps a particular process in your organisation is not working, or maybe a part comes back defective in higher frequencies than others? This type of problem solving is the core essence of Six Sigma. By helping you solve these problems, we increase the profitability, reduce warranty spending and overall improve your organisation’s efficiency. 

Yellow Belt Training is for those who are new to the world of Six Sigma to develop basic Six Sigma knowledge. Yellow belt professionals will have a good idea on Six Sigma concepts and help the Green Belt projects within the organisation. They are essentially responsible to administer small projects using PDCA methodology i.e, (Plan, Do, Check, Act) methodology.

Green Belt Training is for skilled team players  that aim to improve process quality. They help to bridge the gap between the Six Sigma theory and real-world application. Six Sigma Green Belt candidates play a vital role in improving the process, data inspection or Project Management. Green Belt training teaches candidates the basic tools used by a project team and how to apply DMAIC skills that relate to a Six Sigma project. 

Black Belt training is for professionals who are well versed in the Six Sigma Methodology, and that need to leads complex improvement projects, typically in a full-time capacity. A Six Sigma Black Belt possesses a thorough understanding of all aspects of the Six Sigma Method including a high-level of competence in the subject matters contained within the phases of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC)

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